We work with people in foreclosure all the time; most situations end well, but some don’t. So, we got to thinking, what are the key mistakes that the people in situations that don’t end well make.

We regularly go to the county sheriff sale where foreclosed houses are auctioned off, and there is nothing more upsetting than seeing a family break down after they realize they just lost their house and now have no more time to clear out their belongings.

We talked to many of those people and asked them if they could narrow down 3 key mistakes they made, what would they be.

So you have heard of a rent-to-own, maybe seen some signs or advertisements offering it, but still have a ton of questions like:

How does a rent-to-own work?

Will I qualify for it?

What credit score do I need?

Is there a difference between rent-to-own and lease with option?

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