Sons of Realty logoSons of Realty LLC is a real estate solutions provider. We are not a real estate agency with brokers and salespeople, although we do work closely with some of the best agents in the area.

The focus of the Sons is to provide people with progressive options for their every day real estate needs. Many of these problems seem very complex to the person experiencing them, but with years of experience and education, we are able break it down and find the best solution for each individual person. 
We provide FREE services for both sellers and buyers.


We specialize in:

  • Sellers looking to maximize sale price
  • Estate properties
  • Vacant properties
  • Extended days on market properties
  • Creating dream home opportunities for buyers
  • Rent to own options
  • Buyer credit readiness

We currently work in the following counties: Will and Cook in Illinois and Lake in Indiana.

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